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The secret behind strong plants

If you’re looking for healthy plants, evenly ripened fruits and a yield that’s up to 10% higher, then we have something you’re going to like: our research and development centre has developed the ALBARINO glasses specifically for greenhouses. Specially designed for use in horticulture, the surface structure produces a diffusion effect that scatters the light and supplies your plants with even light on all sides. This not only promotes growth and the development of fruit, but also prevents bushes, shrubs, perennials and fruits from burning in intense sunlight. Your plants are thus healthier and there’s no need to take additional steps to protect your greenhouses from excessive sunlight during the warmer months.

For even better results, we’ve also developed our special anti-reflective coating, which increases light transmission in the spectral range that’s important to plants, evenly floods your greenhouse with sunlight and thus increases the yield per square metre. A one-sided coating increases efficacy by 2.5%, whilst two-sided application can maximise your profits with measurable results.

Experience shows that an investment in the right glass can pay for itself in two to three years: you can benefit from ultra-durable and long-lasting easy-care glass as well as healthier plants – and increase your yields by 5 to 10%.

We’ve developed a variety of high-tech glasses to accommodate the demands of many different species of plant and locations. Take a look around and discover the optimum glass for your requirements. Tip: Simply give us a call. There’s no better way to clarify special requests, in particular, than in a personal conversation.


ALBARINO Ultra-Low Haze

Our special ALBARINO Ultra-Low Haze glass features a haze factor of 5%, which minimises light diffusion. Because our glass offers the highest hemispherical value on the market, our Ultra-Low Haze boasts the best light transmission for a glass with this haze factor.


ALBARINO Low Haze glass features a haze factor of 20%, which limits light diffusion. With the highest hemispherical value on the market, ALBARINO Low Haze offers the best light transmission for a glass with this haze factor.


ALBARINO Mid Haze glass offers a haze factor of 50% for especially even diffusion of the light that enters the greenhouse. This glass also boasts particularly high light transmission.


ALBARINO High Haze glass offers an outstanding combination of a high haze factor and high light transmission. And it doesn’t end there: when condensation is present, ALBARINO High Haze performs better than any other solution on the market.

ALBARINO Zero Crystal

ALBARINO Zero Crystal is a clear float glass (90+). This high-tech SAINT-GOBAIN product contains less iron oxide than a standard float glass (+89) and thus absorbs less light – for especially high light transmission.


ALBARINO Zero Crystal Plus is our extra-clear float glass (91+). This SAINT-GOBAIN premium glass contains minimal iron oxide and thus absorbs very little sunlight – for extremely high levels of light. At the same time, it offers high UV transmission of nearly 91% in the range of 280 to 380 nm.

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