Founded in 1853, our location in Mannheim is steeped in history and has produced the ALBARINO extra-white patterned glass for solar applications since 1979. Both our glasses and our location have continued to develop and adapt to market demands ever since. The Mannheim location became SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR GLASS in 2005 and has established itself as a successful glass supplier. Our employees set great store by exceptional quality – for both the raw materials and the end product. Thanks to our modern, fully integrated and automated production facilities and our high standards, the Mannheim location has become a pioneer in the manufacture of solar glasses. Here we will continue to focus on the location’s core area of expertise: the industrial manufacture of tempered glasses for photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, building-integrated photovoltaics and greenhouses. This also includes cover glasses for solar thermal collectors, glasses with pronounced structures, and the application of anti-reflective coatings.

Your benefit: Because our primary supplier is relatively close, we can be your one-stop shop in Mannheim: tailored advice provided by our glass experts, glass production and processing, and delivery to locations all over the world through our reliable logistics partner. We can thus guarantee efficient processes and optimally fulfil your requirements.

Our promise: Specially trained employees and internal audits ensure the high quality of our products on a continuous basis. In addition, we’re always looking to make improvements to ensure we’re in a position to meet the highest standards over the long term.



The Wilsdruff location was founded in 1947, initially as a grinding operation for glass household goods. Much has happened since then: the technology and automation have continuously expanded over the years and adapted to the requirements of customers and the market. Today, we’re quite diversified at our SAINT-GOBAIN Glassolutions Objekt-Center at the Wilsdruff location and offer both custom and series production as well as the processing of single-glazed glasses. Since 1990 we’ve expanded the production of special glasses for the solar industry and greenhouses into a core area of expertise at the Wilsdruff location and have become a valuable, innovative partner to the glass and solar industry. In our core markets – solar, greenhouses and furniture – we can accommodate all kinds of projects and requirements, thanks to our mix of transformation options. We can provide you with tailored solutions, regardless of whether it’s a private smaller project or a large-scale industrial project.

Your benefit: Here, too, we can offer you a comprehensive package that goes far beyond mere glass production. Depending on your needs, the glasses can be bevelled, polished, laminated or coated. Even perforation, UV bonding and prints are an option. Thanks to automated production and quick, efficient administration processes, we can guarantee you high quality and fast delivery times.

Our promise: We believe in training for ourselves and our employees as well as continuous optimisation of our production and processing, so that we can offer you tailored solutions with superior quality standards at all times.



Our two locations – Mannheim and Wilsdruff – together form SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR GLASS (SGSG), a business unit of SAINT-GOBAIN. Through its production and the sale of product solutions and materials, SAINT-GOBAIN plays a key role in our well-being and our future. We encounter SAINT-GOBAIN products on a daily basis: in buildings, transportation, infrastructure and many industrial applications. All the system solutions prioritise convenience, performance and safety – all the while fulfilling the most demanding requirements in terms of sustainable construction, efficient use of resources and climate protection.

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